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I missed the Booms.

I missed the Booms.

The Space Shuttle must have taken a northern approach to KSC, an approach that spares towns to the south of there, like Cocoa and Melbourne, the window-shaking twin sonic booms that accompany it.

I remember the first time the Shuttle landed. I was standing on the sundeck atop my parents' house. We didn't see the spacecraft, but I'll never forget feeling my lungs shaking in my ribcage as the double booms passed by.

I remember other times in recent years, the Booms would make the house shake. My wife would invariably jump, and I'd smile and say, "Shuttle's coming in." She didn't get used to it until the last couple times we heard it, in the last several months.

Now, it has happened for the last time and I missed it.

And I'll never hear it again.

I wanna cry.
Tags: endings, space

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