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Aggregator wish list

Okay, so Leo Laporte posted Sunday about the fact that Buzz failed to put any of his posts for the last two weeks in his public timeline and nobody, not even he, noticed. He felt disillusioned by the whole microblogging culture and said he was going back to his Leoville blog for posting new content.

I read most of the blogs and comics I follow through an aggregator, Google Reader. I realized I followed Leo through his Friendfeed account. I switched over to his Leoville RSS feed and ditched the other. I noticed something that commonly happened on the Friendfeed account: There were often multiply repeated posts, due to feeds from Twitter, Buzz (and probably others) being reposted to Friendfeed.

That got me thinking about things I would like to see in a social media aggregator:

  • I would like to be able to link two or more feeds that I know come from the same person, preferably with an eye to consolidating redundant posts.

  • I would like to be able to read the comments from pages that have that feature enabled (Buzz, Blogs, etc.) and, when I make a comment, have that comment posted with the original page.

  • (this one is Google Reader-specific) I would like to be able to nest my subscription folders within each other. At the moment, I've got a freakin' huge webcomics folder, that would love to split into subcatagories.

Any other thoughts? Please leave a comment.

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