December 5th, 2012

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Gone, gone, gone :(

So, Monday, I went to reboot my notebook and find a blank screen. Not even the company ID screen. A couple light flashed and it tagged the DVD drive, etc., but the light showing the hard drive being accessed never came on, and it never played the music that happens when the login screen comes up.

A little troubleshooting proved fruitless, so I pulled the hard drive and put it in an external case I had on hand and plugged it into my wife's netbook. Huzzah! I could access all my files, so it wasn't that and I still had all my data. This was a good thing, as it had almost all my code I had written in PHP for the last 2 and a half years, all the 3D and other art I had worked on in that time, along with the design work I had done for the website/store my wife wanted to open, not to mention all the personal things I had: art and PDFs I'd downloaded, all the GURPS characters and thought experiment characters I had built in GCA, et cetera. And, of course, there is no backup.

After unmounting the drive, I unplugged it and took it to the back room to prevent a mishap that would likely happen if it encountered my kids. As I was setting it on a shelf... it slipped from my fingers and clattered to the floor.

Yes, I checked it.

Yes, it's dead. :(

This sucks.
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