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A couple thoughts I've been meaning to post, and since it's been a slow night...

Going Gluten-Free

Okay, so I've been on this diet for close to a month now, and my taste in food has definitely changed. The appetite is still a raging monster, but I've noticed certain foods just taste better. For example, a couple weeks ago Fire-Eyes and I were out and about (the kids were with Gramma) and we stopped at Denny's for breakfast. I had a T-bone steak and eggs, and I thought it was the best steak I had ever had!

Now, you have to understand, most of my life I was not a big beef eater. It was okay, but I never had a real craving for it, and if we were having money problems, I was perfectly happy with less-expensive types of meat (chicken, etc.). I am not suddenly craving beef, but I am certainly enjoying it more.

The Wife's Gall-Bladder

Well, several weeks ago, Fire-Eyes woke up in the middle of the night almost screaming in pain. This is not the SOP for my wife, who has gotten a knife stuck through her hand and calmly told the guy who did it (it was a friend, and it was an accident) to run before she tried taking it out. She also decked an orderly during the C-section for our son (she was actually unconscious for that, and a nurse said the guy was "getting in her space" anyway). I almost expected to see a sword sticking out of her.

A trip to the ER, and they said she had gall stones. They gave her pain meds and sent her home, planning on operating a few days later. An ultrasound and a CT (or was it CAT?) scan over the next few days, and they're saying, "Oh, your gall bladder isn't inflamed. You have a couple gall stones, but it doesn't look severe. Maybe you were passing a kidney stone?" So surgery is put on the back burner.

Things are going okay. We had a GURPS game this last Saturday. Maybe her body's super-healing ability (a whole 'nother post that should be on HER blog, as it's not really mine) took care of the problem. I've seen stranger things. So I'm giving one of our gaming buddies a ride home, and on the way back I get a call from my mother-in-law.

"Am I coming up there, or meeting you at the emergency room?"
"Huh?" was my intelligent reply. "I'm in Titusville. I just dropped Fred off."
"You wife just called me. She had another attack. I'll head up to your place." I said I'd meet her there.

Fire-Eyes had her gall bladder removed Sunday afternoon. She came home on Monday, but was in a lot of pain. She's getting better, however, which is good. When she's hurting, it makes my heart hurt.
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