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Going Gluten-Free

Last week, I was discussing with the wife the effects of gluten, like from wheat products, on Sabastion. As we talked, I started to realize I felt some of these effects as well. After a while, Fire-Eyes asked me, "Do you want to try going gluten-free for a week? Since we haven't gotten groceries yet, now would be the time to try it."

I decided to give it a shot. Now, I have never been on a strict diet before. (The closest thing to a diet I've done is when Fire-Eyes moved in with me and started cooking for me: I ate better than I had before in my life, and lost 10 pounds!) Fortunately, this isn't exactly a strict diet, but I just have to watch what I'm eating, which means the homemade pizza leftovers are off-limits, as is the cake FE made, etc.. But there was enough GF food in the house that I had other options, although my sweet-tooth has been complaining lately...

The first day or two went well, then I had this incredible craving for ANYTHING sweet. My mother-in-law came by for a visit and brought glazed donuts. I had two, and twenty minutes later felt like I had taken a couple sleeping pills. It only lasted for an hour or two, but my God! I experimented a litle with it: a sandwich cookie the next day didn't make me actually drowsy, but it did have a slight effect that I could detect when I knew to look for it.

As I was playing with Esme (14 weeks old yesterday! Yay!) the other day, Dana and Fire-Eyes noted that I had a lot more energy. It's true, I seem to have more focus and more will to get personal projects done. I just need time to do them, now. :)

The other thing about going gluten-free: you are HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. Yesterday, for breakfast, I had ham and eggs, as in 3 big slices of ham and FIVE eggs. Holy crap, no wonder Sabastion always wants to eat!
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